Anti-fraud policy

The anti-fraud policy of Horus Group Ltd. is primarily aimed at preventing and combating any fraudulent activities related to payment transactions and the manipulation of systems and processes in Brain Trainer. This policy applies to all users, employees, and third parties associated with our operations. Below are the measures and procedures implemented to ensure the integrity of our operations:

  • Continuous Detection and Monitoring: We implement advanced real-time transaction monitoring systems to detect unusual or suspicious patterns that may indicate fraud. Any unusual activity is immediately investigated by our specialized security team.
  • Rigorous User Verification: All users must complete a verification process when registering and entering payment methods. This includes validation of personal and banking data through trusted third parties.
  • Employee Training: We regularly train our employees on best practices in fraud prevention, including how to recognize and report suspicious activities. Training is mandatory for all employees managing financial transactions and user data.
  • Collaboration with Financial Institutions: We work closely with banks and payment service providers to enhance our fraud prevention strategies and respond quickly to any security incidents.
  • Continuous Updating of Security Policies and Technologies: Our anti-fraud policy is regularly reviewed and updated to adapt to new cybercrime trends and emerging technologies. This includes implementing the latest solutions in computer security and data analysis.
  • Fraud Response Protocols: We have a clear and effective protocol for responding to fraud incidents. This includes immediate notification to the relevant authorities, suspension of compromised accounts, and recovery of funds, as far as possible.
  • Transparency and Communication with Users: We maintain constant communication with our users about how to protect their accounts and the importance of reporting any suspicious activity. Additionally, we provide clear information on how to proceed if they are a victim of fraud.